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CombiPro Woodworking Ruler

Get Woodworking Projects Finished Faster & Hassle Free!

Sick of uneven woodworking measurements? Having to constantly re-measure your work?

Solve all of your problems INSTANTLY with this CombiPro Woodworking Ruler! Your best ALL-IN-ONE quick & accurate measuring tool to get the job done fast and hassle free!

Caters ALL kinds of measurements commonly used for woodworking projects. Scales from small to large measurement and  locks into tricky angles with ease.


  • Effortless Accuracy - Provides exact and precise measurement you need with just one-try. No need to measure things repeatedly.
  • Overall Compact Design - A combination of multiple measuring tools such as square, bevel, protractor, digital level, and speed square in just one handy tool.
  • Easy to Use - All lines and metric systems are labeled properly. Very manageable even against all types of surfaces.
  • Durable & Premium Quality - Made from a strong HIGH-GRADE stainless steel, ensuring an extra long life. The overall build is intact and well-assembled for a more optimized measuring experience.
  • Wide-Variety of Uses - This is an ALL-IN-ONE ruler. It can be used for small to large and different surface shape measurements.

No more guesswork just to get the right measurement!