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Ultra Precision Drill Guide

Precisely Drill Holes in the Right Position Every Time!

Having a hard time drilling holes for pull knobs, L-brackets, top screws, or other furniture attachments? Taking you too much time just to align them in the right position?

Eliminate drilling mistakes with the help of this Ultra Precision Drill Guide! No more guessing games when it comes to installing your knobs!

Freely adjustable that can adapt to all your drilling needs. Ensures a whopping 100% measurement accuracy that will surely improve the quality of your work!


  • Accurate Hole Positioning - Lets you locate, align, and drill holes effortlessly. Measurements are precise and reduces mistakes resulting to a faster work time-frame.
  • Quick & Easy Adjustments - Fully-adjustable overall build. Wide-variety of uses and can be used for small, medium, and large projects scales.
  • Simple but Reliable Tool - Detachable design with quick-release feature for simple setup process. Equipped with stop-collar setting block for easier drilling.
  • High-Grade Steel Build - 5 mm steel thickness build for safer and more stable drilling. It is build sturdy enough to withstand hours of usage. Made from anodized surface that is rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

The Optimum Choice for both professional and DIY carpenters out there!